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The Scientific Initiation Programme (Iniciação Científica – IC Programme) is an academic research modality developed by undergraduate students in a wide variety of knowledge fields. It aims to facilitate the awakening of scientific vocation and fostering the potential talents amid learners, by means of their participation in research projects. The IC Programme aims to awaken the scientific vocation and encourage potential talents among students through their participation in research projects.

CI gives the student the knowledge of the scientific method, stimulating scientific thinking and creativity through the conditions created by direct confrontation with research problems. Each student performs a research project under the supervision of a qualified advisor, who defines the theme, method and schedules the time for research execution. Foreign students can perform the IC Programme in the Institution as long as they are supervised by FMABC Professors. The list of advising supervisors and their respective research lines is available at our website: FMABC / stricto sensu / orientadores.

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