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Since 1999, by developing and improving its pedagogical project, CEFMABC has been contributing to excellence in the training of future Bachelor's in Nursing, always seeking to offer students a diversity of opportunities that favour their teaching-learning process.
Indeed, teaching activities stand out through the recognized institutional identity and notorious qualification of professors, who are always engaged in providing students with the best experiences, valued by consistent, meaningful and contextualized teaching to the reality of the professional that wishes a seamless entrance into today’s job market.
However, faculty members are aware of the responsibility that other dimensions, in addition to teaching, are equally important for professional training and, in this sense, it provides various activities of extension and research, constituting the pillars of this educational institution, sustained in the tripod "teaching, research and extension".
A set of actions is developed, such as: nursing care practices from the first to the last year of graduation, with interdisciplinary-based proposals linked to the National Curricular Guidelines, through active methodologies that promote the students' approach to the complex reality of health services centres.
Still, considering that the Pedagogical Project is dynamic, ever-evolving teaching methodologies attuned to the reality of Brazilian healthcare and the labour markets have been contemplated. As examples, subjects like "Management and entrepreneurship" was inserted in the curriculum with the intention of providing the student with a creative and bold vision in the various fields of nursing practice and "integrative activities", offered in the first grade and that inserts the student in the practices using the concept of "Humanization".
In addition, there is a great variety of extension programmes offered by FMABC as scientific initiation. Those actions have resulted in the entry of graduates into the labour market, in Multi-professional Residency Programs and of improvement in renowned Institutions in Brazil and abroad.